Momprenuers and WordPress: A Perfect Match

Momprenuers and WordPress: A Perfect Match

What is a mompreneur? She is one of those brilliant multi-tasker moms who balances raising her family with running her own small business. Those who are crafty make things and sell them, some moms provide accounting services for clients, others plan events. The list goes on and on.

So many parents want to balance their work and home life, utilizing their education, talents, and marketable skills while still having hands-on time with their kids. Starting a small part-time business while still being involved with those everyday teachable moments at home is a great way to have it all!

Utilizing a tool like a WordPress website can get a mompreneur online quickly and effectively! With WordPress, a business owner can start and maintain an attractive website without extensive technical training. A WordPress site can very easily include a blog, a shop, a podcast, a calendar — you name it.

I am a WordPress developer eager to help small business owners to start, update, or extend their websites. As a mom myself, I hope to especially partner with mompreneurs to help their businesses take off by meeting their technical requirements and training them to manage their site on their own. Let me know if you’d like to work together!

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