Let WordPress Work for You

With WordPress, your website can serve as a brochure for your business or as a means to interact with users.  We can create a site to do any of the following:

  • Sell merchandise or services
  • Host a podcast
  • Show a calendar
  • Use a calendar to book reservations, sell tickets, and show availability
  • Showcase a portfolio of your work
  • Use forms to get information from users
  • Host a blog
  • Optimize your listing in search engine results with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Format the site to look great on a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer with responsive design
  • Authenticate users
  • Integrate with social network feeds dynamically
  • Integrate with Google maps

Why Hire a Freelancer?

My focus is on helping clients to accomplish their goals.  Effective design, efficient processing, and robust reliability will result in a site that does what you need it to do.  

I only take one project at a time.  I keep a flexible schedule and can generally meet according to the client’s schedule.  I am flexible with client change orders, and in return I ask flexibility from clients when childcare needs may arise.

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